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Climate Change in A Hungry World: New!


Los Angeles Is Heating Up

Heat waves, forest fires, rising ocean temperatures.  Los Angeles County  can expect longer, hotter summers, and  it's  happening at a faster rate than previously expected.


How Does Extreme Heat Affect the Food We Grow?

This is the question that launched our newest project. This Fall, we will begin to  learn how  to sequester carbon, save water and increase crop yield  in four local food  gardens and farms.  We will experiment with "growing" healthy soil by planting cover crops, using mulch, compost, and incorporating incorporating DIY technology like a soil moisture monitor built by high school and college students.



Our partners include CalPoly Pomona, Pasadena City College, The Huntington Library, Art Collection and Botanical Gardens along with Downey High School. Funding is made possible from a grant by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Next year, we hope  to start a local Citizen Science Healthy Soils Network. Stay tuned. More info to follow shortly. Meanwhile, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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